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Visit the manufacturer’s site for drivers and store them on the cloned drive or make sure that there is a driver CD available. Go into the install from a USB drive and erase all of the partitions and let Windows create a new set. Decide if you want to wipe the whole drive (if you selected ‘Remove everything’ in the previous step). Selecting ‘Keep my files’ will start the reset process, so skip to the next step. If you select ‘Removed everything,’ you will be faced with an additional options screen.

You can force-quit an unresponsive app on Windows by pressing Alt + F4. By combining these keys, the operating system will be able to shut down the currently active window. By using the taskkill command, you can force an application to stop without using the Task Manager. A particular process would normally be killed by entering this command at the Command Prompt. Alt + F4 is the shortcut for forcing Windows to quit quickly. If you click Alt + F4, make sure the app or program window is open.

  • The Xbox Game Bar will record the last screen you were accessing, and you are not able to switch to another application once recording has begun.
  • The Microsoft Store app may need to be reset if you are unable to switch off S mode.
  • It is an excellent game recorder tool that is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Windows also gives the ability to only take a screen shot of the current active window. Each program that is running on your computer is run inside a window. The active window is the program that you are currently using.

How to Take a Screenshot Using a Windows 10 Smartphone

On Windows 10 and 8, Windows Key+PrtScn to capture entire screen. These are simple methods but we were surprised to know that many Gadgets 360 staff members didn’t know about all of them, so hopefully these helped you as well. For more tutorials, you can visit our How To section. Open the Screenshots folder here to find your screenshot saved here with the name Screenshot . It stores all video files in the /User/Videos/Captures/ folder.

Once selected, Hit “Reset” to initiate the factory reset process for Windows 10 system. If you still can get into Windows 10, then the steps to factory reset will be much easier, below are the steps to follow. Many users have also found it helpful to disable ReAgentc.exe to solve the issue.

Extremely Secure Screen Recorder for PC and Windows

The PC will reset multiple times and show a screen that reads “Resetting this PC” along with its progress percentage. Choose the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ option. When the restoration is complete and the workstation restarts, you can begin the operating system setup. To reset the Windows partition to the factory default. Select one of the option – Keep my Files or Remove everything.

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Microsoft is certainly taking greater strides to compete in the ever-growing cloud dependent world, even on the operating system side of things. Google’s Chrome OS has shown this is a viable solution for running end-user devices and holds out many advantages when compared to “fat” installs of operating systems on disk. By utilizing this approach to running Windows for first-line workers, there certainly are benefits to organizations deploying devices for those workers.